I am a second year PhD student at the Università della Swizzera italiana (USI) in Lugano, Switzerland, supervised by prof. Fabio Crestani. My research interests lie in conversational approaches to information retrieval. I’m particularly interested in modeling mixed-initiative conversational search. I’d be happy to discuss anything related to the topic, so feel free to reach out.

In the past, I worked on various NLP topics, ranging from sentiment analysis to relation extraction, during research internships in TakeLab Zagreb, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, and Singapore University of Technology and Design.

I am talking about my PhD experience on my “Little PhD things” Youtube channel.


  • Conversational Information Retrieval
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Conversational AI


  • PhD student, started in 2020

    Università della Svizzera italiana

  • Master in Computer Science, 2018

    University of Zagreb

  • BSc in Computer Science, 2015

    University of Zagreb

Recent Posts

Little PhD things nobody talks about

Hello everybody, I’m Ivan, a second year PhD student looking to start something new: creating content about little things that make up a PhD. I started my PhD a week before the first lockdown in Europe in March 2020 and I spent most of the PhD working from home.